20 months after

I've been really quiet in terms of blogging during the last 20 months. The truth is that, without any doubt, many many important things took place in my personal and »

Firewall on Demand

A bit of theory Security is a major concern of today’s networks and in particular reactive protection against Denial of Service attacks. To date, attack mitigation is carried out »


What is AutoBAHN? As [1] states: "AutoBAHN stands for Automated Bandwidth Allocation across  Heterogenous Networks. It is a Bandwidth on Demand system dedicated to reserve  resources in heterogeneous, multi-domain environments »

GRNET network graphs mobile flavor

We just rolled out a mobile edition of GRNET's network graphs tool. Remember to access it from your mobile device at: http://mon.grnet.gr/rg Tip: Add it as »

How to turn an old laptop to a digital photo frame

Recently I discovered my wife's old Compaq laptop (bought in 2000) in our storage room. It was an HP Omnibook XE3 - PIII with 128MB memory and 10GB HD. Googling »

NETCONF - the cage : Juniper vs. Cisco (part 1)

It was just yesterday that a Cisco switch got my attention and was tested for its NETCONF capabilities and features. From my small NETCONF experience with Juniper equipment I soon »